Core idea behind this project is to allow users to create and customize their VR experience without significant amount of knowledge in JavaScript development. Though at the moment knowledge of HTML is still required.
Our future development will focus on further expansion of features and addition of graphical user interface to create and customize your VR experience without any need for programming language.
This project was build on top of open source project called ThreeJS. This amazing library provides the basis for all the 3D features. Our implementation on top of ThreeJS is using web-components to separate complex features into smaller and easier to reuse blocks, provide ability to customize objects and animations, integrate with user interface and talk to other components through events. And most importantly to add VR experience to your existing pages.


Ondrej Blazek

Is a guy that developed this and clearly cannot get his own bio sorted out.


MArtin Crawford

Martin is a Production Artist and senior 3d Generalist with decades of experience. His skill-set is diverse and spans visual effects, video production, motion graphics, fine arts, and animation. Within the 3d realm he specializes in rendering and surfacing and it’s compositing into larger projects. He is a senior specialist with Maya, Compositing, Photoshop and After Effects, and has a comprehensive knowledge of software and design. Some of his previous employers include Alias, Side Effects, and Autodesk. He has represented these companies at major trade shows, and his work includes new product development, advertising, creative direction, and developing online communities. He has received awards for Big Rock’s Beer’s Best Commercial, the Toronto Star’s Fast Forward Digital Art Contest. Martin has a wealth of experience in broadcast production, software development, and e-commerce.