Project Demos

  • Gallery Project

    Gallery Project is our vision for Art galleries in virtual space. Here we utilize a set of features that allow users to roam around the gallery and learn more about the art in front of them. Gallery spaces can be based on existing real world spaces or be completely imaginary. All that needs to be […]

  • Product Demo Project

    Product demo is here to provide the possibility to see product in greater detail and angles that regular pictures are unable to provide. Further more, see product in real world size.Customization / color variations are to be experienced in virtual reality for much clearer demonstration of product. Only next to real life visit of store […]

  • Kia car showroom project

    Showroom Project

    Showroom project aims at car manufacturers. Through virtual reality, user has the ability to experience the car in very different way. Be able to customize the colors of the car, rims and accessories. Seeing their choices in real life size and environments that their car will be most at home. Code sample