Heads Up Display

Not gonna lie here. This was one of more disappointing features developed within our application. Most of us have seen those Iron Man movies and really cool light objects hanging in front of ones face.
Truth to be told, it is not as fun as it sounds. you can see for your self in this development example. This piece of geometry is positioned about 20 centimeters in front of users face. It’s purpose is to show some persistent set of data, Location within scene or choices users made to product they are looking at. But it is the constant presence of that object that is most bothersome.
This object is currently set to be always present and should there be need for this feature in future, more development will need to happen to make this more useful.

Left squeeze – Options / Exit menu
Right trigger – Next location
Right trigger + squeeze – Confirm new location

Code sample

--- Header ---

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/vr/vr_css/styles.css">
<script type="module" src="/vr/vr_build/dopevr-core.esm.js"></script>
<script nomodule src="/vr/vr_build/dopevr-core.js"></script>

--- Body ---

<scene-dom id="main-vr-dom"></scene-dom>
<scene-clock clock-name="rand1" app-fps="100">
  <scene-vr dom-id="renderbox">
      <three-hud dom-id="canvasbox" visible hires></three-hud>