Long Distance Jump

This feature is designed to allow user jump further than their reach is allowing for. In order to save on processing times and objects that are being interacted with, beams coming from users controllers only reach 10 meters from controllers location.
In this development example you can see floor objects purposefully located beyond users reach from one platform to another. In order to visit distant places, squeeze left hand controller side button to open options menu and see that there are three alphabetic options. By interacting with that menu user can change their location. This feature will be useful in large scenes or multiple floor buildings.
Location options are intentionally placed into options menu to be readily present at any location to the user. Also giving option to reset ones location quickly.

Left squeeze – Options / Exit menu
Right trigger – Next location
Right trigger + squeeze – Confirm new location

Code sample

--- Header ---

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/vr/vr_css/styles.css">
<script type="module" src="/vr/vr_build/dopevr-core.esm.js"></script>
<script nomodule src="/vr/vr_build/dopevr-core.js"></script>

--- Body ---

<scene-dom id="main-vr-dom"></scene-dom>
<scene-clock clock-name="rand1" app-fps="100">
  <scene-vr dom-id="renderbox">

      <three-gltf-marker path="/vr/vr_assets/shared/" name="indicator.glb" dynamic></three-gltf-marker>
      <three-gltf-floor path="/vr/vr_assets/tech-demo/teleport/" name="floor_v2-1.glb" link="main" thumbnail="/vr/vr_assets/icons/alphabet/a.png" visible></three-gltf-floor>
      <three-mesh-floor color="#BBBBBB" size="6" type="hexa" offset="20,0,-30" link="vestibule" thumbnail="/vr/vr_assets/icons/alphabet/b.png" visible></three-mesh-floor>
      <three-mesh-floor color="#BBBBBB" size="6" type="octa" offset="-20,0,-30" link="atrium" thumbnail="/vr/vr_assets/icons/alphabet/c.png" visible></three-mesh-floor>