Static Showroom

This tech demo started as performance testing space to learn about limits of the headset. Textures and surfaces are in lot higher resolution than other scenes.
However in this case the floor that allows user to roam around is completely missing. Leaving user only the spot of their origin (+/- the amount of distance user can travel in real world).
This approach can be used in more limited space or real-estate demonstrations where 3D scans of the space were taken in only certain spaces and 3D models could potentially be distorted from other angles.

Left squeeze – Options / Exit menu

Code sample

--- Header ---

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/vr/vr_css/styles.css">
<script type="module" src="/vr/vr_build/dopevr-core.esm.js"></script>
<script nomodule src="/vr/vr_build/dopevr-core.js"></script>

--- Body ---

<scene-dom id="main-vr-dom"></scene-dom>
<scene-clock clock-name="rand1" app-fps="100">
  <scene-vr dom-id="renderbox">
      <three-gltf path="/vr/vr_assets/shared/" name="scale_scene.gltf"></three-gltf>
      <three-gltf path="/vr/vr_assets/tech-demo/showroom/" name="ShowroomBB8.glb"></three-gltf>